5 Nursing Careers that You Likely Never Considered (or even heard of!)

Becoming a nurse doesn’t have to mean that you’ll work in a hospital for the rest of your career. If that’s what you want then that’s great! But if it’s not, no worries… there are a whole lot more to nursing careers than that just the traditional “nursing” role. Fortunately, becoming a nurse is a career pathway that opens up a tremendous number of diverse “nursing” career opportunities that anyone can pursue.

Here are 5 that are “OUTSIDE the BOX”

#1... Telemedicine Nurse

telemedicine nurse

New technology solutions are driving the healthcare industry moving forward. As healthcare companies look for innovative ways to provide care and cut costs, Telemedicine Nurses are becoming more essential and in demand. Becoming a Telemedicine Nurse is an ideal nursing career path to consider for people who would like to provide care to a variety of patients regardless of where they’re located.

Increasingly, healthcare providers need to provide care to hard-to-reach patients who can’t frequent a nearby hospital or healthcare facility due to geography and/or transportation issues. Telemedicine Nurses are vital in today’s patient care environment to check up on these patients and ensure they’re getting the care they require.

#2... Nurse Educator

nurse educator

If you haven’t heard yet, the healthcare industry is facing one of the worst nursing shortages in recent history. That’s a great reason for existing nursing professionals to help provide insight and education that is useful for the next generation of nurses entering the workforce. Nurse Educators typically work in a classroom environment and in some situations they’ll also provide clinical guidance.

The “Nurse Educator” position is an option for nursing professionals after they’ve had several years of experience.  It’s a great opportunity for people who want to impact patient care, without hands-on interaction.

#3... Case Manager / Nurse Navigator

nurse case manager

“Case Manager/Nurse Navigators” provide long-term care plans to patients. They work closely with doctors and physicians to help schedule future appointments, research additional treatment options, and come up with long-term plans for patients.

Becoming a Case Manager is an option for nurses who would like to work closely with patients to coordinate a longer term plan schedule.

#4... Informatics Nurse

As previously mentioned, healthcare facilities and companies are looking for ways to cut costs while also improving patient care standards. One way they’re doing this is through the use of “big data”.   Qualified professionals are needed to help navigate this data and find ways to improve patient care; which means Informatics Nurses are those nurses who help analyze big data solutions, conduct research based on data gathered, and help develop new technology solutions to problems that arise.

Becoming an Informatics Nurse is an exciting career pathway for people who would like to become a nurse to impact patients, but also have an interest in data trends and analytical research.

#5... Nurse Anesthetist

nurse anesthetist

Nurse Anesthetists are highly skilled professionals that prepare and administer anesthesia to patients in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists, and other qualified healthcare professionals.

There’s an opportunity to make big money, but there’s also lots of studying to prepare; you’ll need at least a master’s degree from an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program, and upon completion, you’ll need to pass the National Certification Examination.

Although we only briefly touched base on 5 diverse nursing career pathways here, know that there are a tremendous number of others that you likely never heard of!

If you want to learn about other nursing careers, as well as the 100s of different career opportunities in the healthcare industry as a whole, check out the blog posts at the links below. You’ll learn a lot!

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