The "Career Development Education" Solution Your Students Need, and Your Educators Want.

Ensuring students have received the Career Development Education they need can be a challenge… but it doesn’t have to be. is a library of simple, online career planning and career exploration courses; it gives schools and other organizations the tools and resources they need to help the young people they’re tasked with helping in a career development capacity.

Watch a 3 minute video for our flagship course "Idea2Career. 5 Steps to a Career You'll Love."

Cost Effective Pricing

Competitive & Affordable Pricing that works for schools, groups and non-profit organizations.


Annual License

$20 per user/per year
For Schools, Large Groups & Non-Profits that work with people in a career planning &/or workforce development capacity.

Annual License (September 1 – August 31)

Choose from educator/mentor &or student/user accounts

Access to all online courses

Accessible from any device

Educator/mentor account includes admin tool to track and assess student progress

Minimum 25 student/mentor accounts (or $500 minimum per school/group)

BONUS:  Includes our comprehensive career development course “Idea2Career. 5 Steps to a Career You’ll Love.

AND... Check Out Our Growing Library of Career Development Courses.

"Financial Aid. What You Need to Know" will help you to navigate your way around the world of Financial Aid so you can potentially save thousands of dollars, and not graduate with an insane amount of student loan debt!

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6 Lessons

Learn about the diversity of career opportunities in the "Architecture & Construction" industry here... in this course. You'll be glad you did.

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10 Lessons

“Manufacturing” means making things; creating a product from raw materials, & turning ideas into reality. Manufacturing careers are involved in the creation of cell phones, computer chips, pharmaceuticals, contact lenses, cosmetics, cars, food, furniture, cosmetics...literally everything that's MADE is “manufactured”. Learn about the diversity of career opportunities in the Manufacturing industry here... in this course. You'll be glad you did!

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11 Lessons

Why Idea2Career?

Here's Why...

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Meets Industry Standards

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Benefits Students & Educators

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Cost-Effective Pricing

Meets Industry Standards

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Benefits Students & Educators

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  • Viewable & doable on any device, any time, anywhere.
  • Courses are simple & engaging.
  • Professional & soft skill development.
  • Networking & relationship building.
  • Literacy & communication skills development.
  • Development of career related assets; ie. resume, online, persona, etc.
  • Increased self-awareness & self-concept.
  • Foundation for a comprehensive Career Development capstone project via course “Idea2Career. 5 Steps to a Career You’ll Love”.
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  • Meets educator Career Development Education competencies & standards.
  • Minimal in-class time requirement to facilitate with students.
  • Mentorship rather than “teaching”.
  • Easily & simply embedded within any existing curriculum.
  • Independent, self-directed online courses for students.
  • Align with individual teaching styles.
  • Diverse pedagogical techniques.
  • Formative & summative assessments.
  • Cloud based, therefore not dependent on an organization’s technology.

Not a School or Group?

Learn about our "Individual" Monthly Subscriptions for personal career planning, homeschoolers, career counselors and job seekers.