Questions to Ask Yourself

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Questions to Ask Yourself


Those careers you researched  might all seem like great ideas, but you can’t go after every one of them (right now anyway!). You should think about at least a couple of other things before making a decision about which way to go.

That’s why you’ll need to answer some basic questions about what you want RIGHT NOW. Not later on because you could easily change your mind later on.  You have to focus on how you feel RIGHT NOW. This activity will give you some questions to answer to help you along.

Click on the “To Do” tab above to get started.


READ the “Ask Yourself” Document (shown below). Read the directions carefully.

Make some decisions. Answer the questions.

That’s it. You’ve narrowed down your career list big time.


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Do that and you’ll be sent directly to the next lesson, Reach Out & Network which you can also find here.

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