Careers in the Maintenance and Operations Pathway

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maintenance and operations

Just as a reminder about what the “Maintenance and Operations” pathway is all about (in case you don’t recall from a previous lesson)….

Regardless of which type of construction (residential or non-residential), once a structure is built it’s going to need to be maintained and/or repaired at some point.

The Maintenance and Operations pathway consists of careers for people who keep the physical presence and inner workings of a building or structure in good shape so that they continue to run smoothly, efficiently and safely.  

People in this pathway might:

  • discover problems and make suggestions for improvements.
  • unload, inspect, and move new equipment into position.
  • determine the optimal placement of machines in a plant,
  • assemble machinery, install machinery, repair machinery and perform preventive maintenance. D
  • Detect, diagnose and correct minor problems on machinery.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s start digging in and learning about the careers in this pathway.

So what are some of these careers and what do people do?

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