What are Career Clusters?

I’m guessing you likely couldn’t be bothered knowing about Career Clusters, and I don’t blame you. You’re here to learn about careers in construction; that’s what this course is all about after all.  But for me to give you the best, and most comprehensive, education about the construction industry I have to take a short detour. I have to explain what the Career Clusters are, and how the Construction industry fits  into the “Architecture and Construction” Career Cluster.

So here goes… I’ll make it quick.

When considering a career direction it’s easy to choose what you know, what’s readily available, or what’s comfortable or familiar – regardless of whether or not that career direction is innately the right choice for you.

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People, in general, are typically unaware of the various career industries and the immense number of career opportunities within those industries. They might even assume (often incorrectly) that a specific career or career industry would, or wouldn’t, be a good fit for them based on something they’ve heard about that career, or perhaps even basing their assumption on what other people think.

That’s where “Career Clusters” come in, and why I’m going to give you a brief heads up about what they are and why you should care as you’re exploring careers and career directions.

16 Career Clusters

career clusters

There are 16 Career Clusters which are groups of industries and careers that are categorized together based on similar features that they share. This course is all about the “Architecture and Construction” Career Cluster.

Within each Career Cluster are Pathways… these “Pathways” are even more specific groupings of careers that have additional similarities.

"Architecture and Construction" Cluster & Pathways

architecture and construction carer cluster and pathways

We’ll dig a little deeper in the next Topic of this Lesson…  Click the “Architecture and Construction. The Basics” link below to go directly there.