Education and Training Options. What are they?

You’re at the point where you’ve decided on a career and now you need to know how to make it happen. We often only hear about two ways to go when it comes to education and training, college and career training (with not much of an explanation about what they each consist of). That stops here.

There are actually more than a few ways to get from “no career” to “career” (depending on the career), but we’re going to go over the ones that may more than likely take you where you want to go. By getting the facts about education and training options you’ll be in a much better position to make smart investments of your time and money to get you where you need to be; in a successful career that’s relevant and meaningful to you.

Building your career is a journey and education and training is a part of that journey.  You can start off with on-the-job training, get a certification, then a degree later on down the road if you decide that’s right for you. Or not. It’s your choice, and you’ll make those decisions as your life evolves.  You don’t have to commit to a huge investment of time and money right now, or ever, to build a career in the Architecture and Construction industry!

Let’s get to it.  Click the 1st Topic below…  “On the Job Training” to get started.