Bachelor’s Degree & Higher

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Although the vast majority of careers in the Architecture and Construction career cluster don’t require more than 2 years of education and training, there are still quite a few that demand a Bachelor’s Degree or even higher.

What is a Bachelor's Degree?

A Bachelor’s Degree is intended to take 4 years to complete a major/program of study, and like an Associate’s Degree you’ll need to take quite a few “general education” courses in addition to those specific to your major.

Similar to what was discussed in the previous ” Associate’s Degree” topic,  4 year colleges and universities are either public or private;  public schools typically being much cheaper for residents of a state to attend than private colleges and universities.

Also similar to all of the other education and training options, as well as anything else that you “buy”, make sure you do your homework before committing to any school or program of study.  You want to be sure the program/major you’re getting your Bachelor’s Degree in is not only affordable for you, but also offered by a school that has a positive reputation for their program, has great internship and work based learning experiences embedded within the program, and a good track record for their students finding jobs in their field of study after they graduate.

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