Dual Enrollment

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DUAL ENROLLMENT… Lots of high schools and CTE Schools/Centers have partnerships with local colleges so that you can get college credit for taking specific courses and/or career training programs at your high school (for free or ridiculously cheap).

Ask your guidance counselor about Dual Enrollment NOW because If your school has those classes, you want to take as many of them as you can as soon as you can during your high school experience.

FYI… “Dual Enrollment” can go by many different names based on the type of “credit”, the type of post-secondary school you’ll be getting credit from, as well as which state you live in. Make sure your guidance counselor explains to you:

  • Which post-secondary schools (ex. college, career training school, military, union) offer “credit” to students at your high school?
  • Which classes offer “credit”?
  • Do you have to be enrolled with a specific teacher in a class to get the credit?
    • That’s often the case so make sure you know and are enrolled in a class with that teacher.
  • What type of credit is it? Is it the type that only allows you to get get credit for one school or college?
  • Can the credit transfer to many other schools or colleges?  (this is the best kind)
  • Is there a cost to take “Dual Enrollment” classes?
  • If there’s a cost, are there scholarships or “waivers” for these classes?
    • If yes, how might you get one or more?

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