10 Careers you probably never thought of, or even heard of!

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There are 100s of career pathways in the Architecture & Construction industry, but we can probably each name about a dozen. Here are 10 you’ve probably never thought of, or even heard of, and as you go along in this course you’ll discover a whole bunch more!

  • Underwater Welding

    Commercial Diver

  • Architectural Drafter


  • Estimator

    Cost Estimator

  • smart house

    Home Technology Integrator

  • null

    Historic Preservationist

  • null

    Wind Turbine Technician

  • null

    Solar Photovoltaic Installation & Maintenance

  • null

    Occupational Safety Inspector

  • Explosives Technician

    Explosives Technician

  • null

    Power Line Installation

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