Non-Residential Construction

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Check out the video above. You could be involved in the building of something like that!

It’s pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway… Non-Residential Construction consists of all of the construction projects that aren’t related to homes (residential). Makes sense, but it gets a little bit more complicated so I’ll simplify it here so you know what’s up…

3 CATEGORIES of Non-Residential Construction

  • heavy industrial construction

    Heavy Industrial

    Heavy Industrial is all about building huge industrial projects like power plants, shipyards, mines, oil sand operations and refineries.

    We’re not just talking about the actual construction of the facilities, we’re also talking about the enormous heavy equipment that’s a big part of that construction site.  In fact, some of those trucks are so huge that they have to be shipped to a job site in parts and assembled there; we’re talking 13 foot tall tires!

    This video says it better than I ever could so take a look…

  • commercial construction

    Institutional and Commercial

    Institutional and Commercial Construction is the construction of structures and projects that you typically see in your daily life that’s NOT related to the building of residential homes; structures like office buildings, malls, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and shopping plazas.

    Check out the video at the top of this page to see a time lapse video of a Canadian skyscraper called “The Bow” being built.  Keep in mind this video is all only showing what’s going on on the outside… there’s a ton more construction going on inside as well!

  • building a bridge

    Civil (Engineering)

    Civil (Engineering) Construction is all about building and maintaining the community’s infrastructure and services.

    • Bridges
    • Roads and highways
    • Water treatment Plants
    • Power and Communication lines
    • Subways and mass transit

    Careers in Civil Engineering

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