What’s Next? Financial Aid, Marketing, Quiz & Certificate.

Now that you’ve finished this course and learned a ton about the Architecture & Construction Career Cluster you should be well on your way to knowing what to do build a career in the construction industry; which career to choose and how to make it happen.

So, what should you be learning about now?

FINANCIAL AID. Apply for it.

If you’re choosing to continue your education and training you need to learn as much as you can about Financial Aid so that you know how to access free money like grants and scholarships, as well as how to make the best choices when it comes to student loans.  

There’s actually a lot more to know when it comes to the world of Financial Aid so it would be a great idea to get started educating yourself by checking out our blog post “Financial Aid Basics. What you need to know.”


Sounds like a big deal but what Marketing and Branding really means is:

  • Creating your resumes (a basic one to send electronically and a visually good looking one to hand out).
  • Building your online presence and/or portfolio of work.
  • Optimizing your social media
  • Following and communicating with the social media accounts of potential employers

Best of luck! If you’ve chosen to pursue a career in “Architecture and Construction” you’ve made a great decision; great because you made that decision by being empowered with knowledge and tools that have helped you to choose a career that’s relevant and meaningful to you and what you need!



If you want a Certification to prove you’ve successfully completed this course then check out the Quiz link here or near the bottom of this page. At the end of the quiz you’ll have the option of printing the Certificate of Completion.

certificate icon


You’ll have to take the quiz (see above) and have passed with a 70% or higher before you can print the Certificate, but if you’ve already done that and need to print another copy you can do that by following the instructions below:

  • On the left of this screen click on “My Courses”.
  • On the right sidebar will be “My Certificates” which shows a list of the Certificates of Completion for courses you’ve successfully finished.
  • Click the Certificate you want and then print or save it.

If you haven’t passed the quiz, click restart to give it another go!