Signing & Submitting the FAFSA

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Signing & Submitting the FAFSA

You’ve filled out the FAFSA, your parent (if required) has done their part and included their information, and now it’s time to sign the form and submit it; get it into the hands of the schools that can decide what financial aid you might qualify for.

  • If you filled out a paper form then you and a parent have to physically sign the form and mail it in.
    • Just as a heads up, processing a paper FAFSA will take longer than the online form.
  • If you filled it out online things work a bit differently:
    • If you’ve logged into FAFSA with your FSA ID you you won’t be asked for it again when it’s time to sign the FAFSA, but if you’re providing parent information they’ll need to use their FSA ID to sign the form as well.
    • If your parents are unable to create an FSA ID, live out of the country or are undocumented then you can print out the “Confirmation Page” so that they can sign it; then you’ll have to mail it in.
  • Once you get the “Confirmation” page you know that the form has been submitted and you’re good to go; the schools you listed will be getting your FAFSA information.

Confirmation Page

A few things you should know about the Confirmation page…

  • It’s a good idea to either print it or save a copy of it to your computer, flash drive, or cloud based storage like Google or whichever one you might use.
  • If you gave an email address on the form you’ll also get a confirmation email, but it won’t have as much info as the Confirmation page.
  • You’ll be automatically applying for some state financial aid by submitting the FAFSA, but you should still contact your school to see if your state requires an additional state specific application or check your state’s financial aid program.

State Financial Aid Programs

  • Some states that have a partnership with FAFSA that lets you transfer your information directly into your state aid application; if you see a link on your FAFSA Confirmation page (it won’t be on the email you get) to your state financial aid application you should definitely click on it to save yourself some work!
  • If your parent is going to be filling out a FAFSA for one of your siblings, your confirmation page offers the option for the parent information in your FAFSA form to be transferred automatically into another student’s application. Another time and work savings if it applies to your family.