Financial Aid. The Basics.

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What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is money. Money (given, borrowed or earned) that can help students and their families to pay for post-secondary education and training like college, university or career training schools and programs; it helps make these schools and programs affordable for you.

The intention of financial aid is to make up the difference between what it will cost to attend that school and what you and your family can afford to pay. Now you need to know the details….

  • What will it pay for?
  • Who gives it?
  • How is it determined what you qualify for?
  • What types are there?
  • Who’s eligible for financial aid?
  • How do you get it?
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Those questions… they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you should know if you’re planning to take advantage of financial aid because it can be an amazing gift, or turn into a tremendous burden.

You need to learn as much as you can if you want financial aid to help you achieve the career and future that you’re meant to have so that’s what this course is all about; educating you with knowledge that will empower you to make wise decisions about financing your education.

Everything that’s touched on here, in this lesson, is going to be expanded on in a big way throughout this course so no worries, you’ll be discovering what you need to know to make yourself a well educated consumer when it comes to financing your education.

Doing the reading &/or work for each of the “Topics” listed in this “Lesson” (see Topics below) will give you a good foundation to begin understanding the ins and outs of navigating the financial aid process.

Video source: “Federal Student Aid