Types of Financial Aid

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Before we dig deep into the world of financial aid and talk about the more obscure types of aid that you don’t hear much, or anything about, it’s important to know about the the 4 major types of aid that you may qualify for from the schools you apply to.

types of financial aid

These brief descriptions give you an idea about what each means but if you plan to take advantage of any of these forms of aid then you need, and I’m stressing the word NEED here, to know quite a bit more; otherwise you’re doing yourself a disservice and possibly even getting yourself into a financial bind after you’ve graduated the school, college or program you end up attending.

First up…. Head over to the “Grants” Topic at the bottom of this page.

Get Organized!

Think you might want or need some help getting organized and keeping track of the Financial Aid forms, deadlines and everything else that goes along with them?

If that’s a yes, get the Google doc “Financial Aid Organizational Spreadsheet” at the button below. It’s View Only so be sure to make a copy and save it to your own computer, Google folder, or other cloud based storage.

Doing the reading and/or work for each of the “Topics” in this “Lesson” (see Topics below) will help you to understand the details about each for the 4 major types of financial aid that you may be offered, and help you to choose which ones will be most advantageous for you; now and after you graduate your school or program.

Video source: “Federal Student Aid