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federal grants

A “Grant” is free money that you don’t have to repay (except if you were to drop out of school during the school year).

They’re awarded to students by the FEDERAL or STATE government and are typically given out based on a student’s financial need.  You’ll have to complete the FAFSA (which we’ll go over in a later lesson) to learn if you qualify for any of them.


Get specific details about each of the federal grants at the links below…

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STATE Grants

  • When it comes to state specific grants, the FAFSA may not be the only “form” you need to fill out to qualify.  Check your state to find out if there are other forms to complete, and learn about state deadlines.
  • You can research state specific grants and financial aid here.
state financial aid


  • Didn’t get the “Financial Aid Organizational Spreadsheet” yet?  Then get it here!
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