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Find Your Career Direction. Let Career Pathways Work for You.

Career Clusters & Pathways are the "highways" to get you to your career destination, even though you may not even know yet what that destination will be. Find the pathway that's right for you!

3 Lessons

Course Description

When considering a career direction it’s very easy to choose what you know, what’s readily available or what’s comfortable or familiar – regardless of whether or not that career pathway is the right choice for you.

People are typically unaware of the various industries and the huge number of career opportunities within those industries. They might even assume (often incorrectly) that a specific career or career pathway would, or wouldn’t, be a good fit for them based on something they’ve heard about that career, or perhaps even basing their assumption on what other people think.

The intention of this course, and the lessons within, is to introduce you to the 16 Career Clusters, the various career pathways within each of them, and then help you to discover a career direction (Career Cluster) that’s relevant to who you are, and what your great at and love to do so you can begin taking the next steps toward building your career plan; one that’s relevant and meaningful to you!

Note: This course and its content is taken from STEP 2 of the comprehensive career development course, “Idea2Career”, so you’ll notice reference to that course throughout these lessons and activities.

What's included in this course?

  • 3 Lessons
  • 3 Activities
  • 1 Video
  • Worksheets, Documents, Course Plan & Lesson Plans (© Idea2Career™)
  • Relevant and Vetted Web Resources
  • Access on desktop and mobile devices
  • 1 year license
Note: This course and its content is taken from STEP 1 of the comprehensive career development course, “Idea2Career” so you’ll notice reference to that course throughout these lessons and activities (topics).

Who will benefit from this course?

Although people of all ages can take this course and achieve great results, it was specifically written for teens and young adults who:

  • Are unsure about which career direction to follow.
  • Want to connect who they are inside, intrinsically, to the career direction they follow.
  • Want to pursue a career that’s relevant and meaningful to them.
  • Want to make a smart investment of their time and money regarding their education and training after high school.
  • Want to discover the diversity of career directions, industries, and opportunities available in the global marketplace of career opportunities!
  • Want to step outside the box and not necessarily follow along with the career direction that others feel would be the right choice for them.

Sound like you? Or maybe someone you know?

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you’ll have:

  • Learned about the 16 Career Clusters and the Career Pathways within them.
  • Discovered which Career Cluster and Career Pathway seems most meaningful and motivating to you.
  • Be ready for career exploration; doing the research to nail down a career goal that speaks to which is the next step in your journey to build and act on a career plan that’s relevant and meaningful to you.

What will I learn?

That depends on you. This course is intended to make you be introspective, or “thoughtful”, about the information you’re learning and the decisions you’re making so take your time.

That being said shoot for 4 or more hours total if you intend to be thorough in your research; although it might take you more time or less depending on how much time you’re willing to invest to get the best information you can find. Your choice.

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