Which Career Direction?

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Which Career Direction? You decide.



Congratulations! You’ve finished an important step in finding the career direction and career pathway that best speaks to you.  Doing that is huge and brings you even closer to a career goal that will be relevant and meaningful to you!

If you’re ready to take the next step and start exploring the diverse careers that are out there within the Career Cluster and Career Pathway that you’ve chosen, take a look at the course “Simple Steps to Choosing a Career Goal“.

Print the Certification of Completion

If you haven’t already printed your Certificate of Completion you can find the link for it by following these instructions…

certificate icon
  • Go to “My Courses”
  • On the right sidebar will be “My Certificates” which shows a list of the Certificates of Completion for courses you’ve successfully finished.
  • Click the Certificate you want and then print or save it. Done!