Getting Started

First things first.  If you haven’t already watched the Introduction video on the Idea2Career home page, do it now by clicking on the video above.

Since you’re ready to get to work on what needs to be done so that you can find your career direction and start getting a plan in place, there are a few things to give you a heads up about this Idea2Career project.

Idea2Career is broken up into 5 STEPS. Lots of simple, and short, activities within each of those steps, but they’re work; not going to lie.

Have you heard the phrase “nothing worth having comes easy”? Well, that applies here. You’ll be reading, writing, thinking, creating, talking, and researching; but it’s all for your benefit. Yours!  If you think you’re worth the effort and the energy, you’ll do the work and get amazing results that will motivate and excite you to build a career and future that will actually benefit not only you, but also your future family, your community, society and the economy. That’s a documented fact. YOUR SUCCESS, whatever your version of success might be, touches the lives of so many others in a positive way.

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READ the content within the 5 blue, or gray, tabs below!

READ this before you get started….

  • Idea2Career is the COURSE name.
  • Each of the 5 Steps in the course is a LESSON.
  • Each of the activities within the lessons are called TOPICS (although they’re also referred to as activities).
  • Read each one of the blue tabs in this section before going any further.

Before getting started with this course you might want to check out our short tutorials on how to navigate your way around the course, AND how to best get around your actual account on Idea2Career.com.  Check them out below, but you can also find them by clicking “More” in the header menu above, then choosing “Help”.

Many “Topics” have assignment worksheets that you’ll need to fill out and then upload to your account. Here’s how it works…

  • All “worksheets” you’ll be completing as “Assignments” are view only Google Docs; which means you’ll need to make a copy of the worksheet so that you can fill it in and then upload it to your Idea2Career.com account.
  • If you don’t already know how to make a copy of a Google Doc so that you can fill it in, then go to the READ FIRST document at this link (or at the button below):

Read this 1st!

  • After you upload an assignment, the Topic is automatically marked as COMPLETE and you’ll be brought to the next activity or lesson..
  • If there IS NOT an assignment that needs to be uploaded, at the bottom of the Topic page you’ll see a button that says “Mark Complete”.
    • You’ll click the “Mark Complete” button when you’re done with the activity or reading.
    • Once you mark a Topic as complete, the “Mark Complete” button will be gone if you return to that Topic in the future.

Each Lesson (or STEP) will end with a QUIZ which is a summary of of all of the Topics and activities you’ve done within that Lesson.

At the end of this Idea2Career course you’ll be awarded a “Certificate of Completion” that you can choose to save or print.

All PDFs, documents, lesson plans and worksheets are identified and linked within each of the Lessons and Topics. They can also be found in “Course Materials, Videos & Quizzes” which is shown as the last Lesson of this course.

And that’s it! You’re on your way toward building a career and future that’s relevant and meaningful to YOU. Remember, it’s your future, you need to create it by your choices and not just let it happen to you. Idea2Career will help you to make those choices.

What’s Next….

Click the “MARK COMPLETE” below. Do that and you’ll be brought to the next activity… “Student Guide & Pre-Survey”.


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