What Makes a Great Teacher? See if you agree.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

I saw this video a while back from ABC News about what makes a great teacher and it spoke to me in a big way.  Having worked in public education for a number of years I’ve seen great teachers, inspirational teachers, caring teachers, good teachers, ok teachers, boring teachers and some teachers so bad I’d fight like crazy to get my kid out of their class (and I have).

That being said, I feel society is on the cusp of making some changes in the world of education and we need to focus on getting great teachers in the classroom that really want to be there to help kids reach for their version of a golden ring and make their dreams happen.

Anyway, this short video seems to sum things up in my eyes, so if you’re considering a career in educating children and/or teens you might consider taking a few minutes to check it out. Are these qualities that you see in yourself?