Idea2Career Course. Navigating your way around.


Idea2Career. 5 Steps to a Career You’ll Love.

This Idea2Career course tutorial is a quick, simple explanation on how to navigate your way around the “Idea2Career” course.  But before we go any further I want to make sure you’re aware of the “How Your Idea2Career.com Account Works” tutorial that you can find on the help page. That tutorial is about getting around and using the Idea2Career.com site, this tutorial is specifically about the Idea2Career course.

Ok. Let’s go….

I’m assuming you logged into your account with the username and password that was given to you in the email you got from Idea2Career. Don’t remember it? Check your email’s inbox. If it’s not there, then check your spam or junk folder to look for it.

Now it’s time to give you some information on getting around the course. It’s simple, but this will help.

  • Once you’ve logged into your Idea2Career account you’ll be brought to the home page for logged in users.
  • On the left menu click on My Courses.
  • That will open a page that shows a list of courses that you have access to.
  • Click on the Idea2Career course.
    • Doing that will open up the home page for the Idea2Career course.
    • To get a brief overview of what this course intends to achieve click on the Watch Introduction on the course’s home page. It’s a short video that tells you what you need to know regarding the goal and mission of this course.
  • As you scroll down this page you’ll see some tabs. Open them up and read them. They’re short but have great information.
  • Scroll a little further down and you’ll see the 8 lessons of this course.
    • To the right of some of the lessons will be Topics.
    • Click on topics to the right of the lesson name to get a dropdown of the topics for that lesson.
      • Topics are essentially the activities within each of the lessons.
    • As you go through the course you’ll notice that once you finish the topics and lessons a green checkmark will show up. If they’re not done, it will remain a blue circle.

By clicking on a lesson or topic you’ll open it up. I’ve clicked on the STEP 1: Discover Yourself lesson and opened it on this screen.

  • You’ll see a list of the topics and lessons for the course on the right.
  • At the bottom of this page you’ll see a list of the topics for this lesson.
  • Below that you’ll see “Quizzes Status” since each lesson has a quiz at the end of it. Students will be directed to t go to the quiz after they’ve finished the last topic within a lesson.

Each of the lessons within this course is set up much the same way so it should be pretty familiar as students go through the course.

  • Each topic within a lesson will be set up with some tabs telling students what to do.
  • There will be at the very least a To Do tab, and then a When You’re Done tab.
  • At the end of each topic there will be a “Mark Complete” button that students will click to show that they’ve finished that topic
    • Just as a heads up… If you’ve already finished a topic and go back into it for some reason, you’ll notice that the mark complete button will be gone and there will be a green checkmark next to that topic.
  • Some topics ask for an assignment to be uploaded.
    • When that’s the case there won’t be a Mark complete button at all.
    • Once the student uploads the assignment then the system knows they’ve finished that topic and will mark it with a green checkmark.
  • As I mentioned each lesson has a quiz.
    • There’s a link to the quiz within the “When You’re Done” tab at the end of the last topic within a lesson.

Even though there are 8 lessons in this course, they’re not all actually lessons with activities….

  • Lesson 1:  Getting Started is an introduction to the course. Much of what I’ve talked about in this video and a little bit more.
  • Lesson 2: Step 1 – Discover Yourself has activities to help students to learn alot about themselves which will help as they start thinking about which career direction would be a good fit for them.
  • Lesson 3: – Step 2- Find a Direction is learning about the 16 Career Clusters  and then choosing which one is the right direction to go in.
  • Lesson 4: Step 3 – Choosing a Career is all about career exploration and then making some decisions as to not only a career goal, but how a student might want to pursue that career goal.
  • Lesson 5: Step 4 – Map Out Your Plan and putting together a solid plan to make that career happen.
  • Lesson 6: Step 5 – Get Connected is where applications happen. Not just for schools but for other career specific opportunities that you’ll learn about. It’s also where students learn about marketing and branding themselves as well as building a professional network of people that can help them now, and in the future.
  • Lesson 7: A Conclusion or a Beginning talks about Next Steps and it’s where students will find the instructions on how to print off, or save, a Certificate of Completion for the course once they’re done.
  • And Lesson 8 isn’t actually a lesson, it’s really just where a student can find the resources and tools that were used throughout the course without having to go back and search within the lessons and topics.

And that’s it. Finished! So simple.