Invest in Career Development Education. Here’s why.

Invest in Career Development Education. Here's why.

If you’re tasked with helping young people to build a successful future for themselves, then consider investing in Career Development Education so those young people will learn…

How to Build & Act on an Inspired & Viable Career Plan.

We all have a tremendous amount of “things” on our To Do List. Every. Single. Day. For you, one of those “things” may be that you have a budget to spend, and your major concern when it comes to that  budget is spending it wisely; to bring the most value to the young people that you work with and/or are responsible for.

When it comes to “budgeting” it can be overwhelming trying to navigate your way through the ocean of people, initiatives and everything else that is clamoring for your attention to find those nuggets that you feel are worthy of investing time and money.

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Well, here’s another item that’s likely on your To Do List…

Helping young people to build a career and future that will benefit them, their future family, their community, society and (let’s face it) the economy is more than a nugget of value… it’s the mother lode.  It’s what will inspire, motivate and propel them toward a successful future, whatever their version of success may be.

Sadly, this “To Do” easily gets lost, left behind or buried; and that’s not ok.

Because giving teens and young adults the knowledge, skills and tools to make educated and informed decisions regarding what they want to do when they’re in the “real world”, and how to make it happen without amassing an insane amount of student loan debt, is our responsibility as educators, mentors and influencers.  I’m not blowing things out of proportion here; it’s the truth.

Research shows that comprehensive Career Development & Career Planning is associated with many educational, societal and financial benefits:

  • People realize greater well-being throughout their life.

  • Schools increase student success & graduation rates.

  • Employers see improved employee engagement & productivity.

  • Unemployment & Underemployment is reduced.

  • Economic growth is increased.

WE NEED to say no to allowing our kids to graduate high school without a career plan, because without a logistical plan in place many young people will:

  • Float through their life feeling unmotivated & uninspired.

  • Fall into a job because it’s the only world they know and it’s what they’re familiar with.

  • Never realize their potential or know that there are many diverse career options that can benefit from what they have to offer.

  • Choose an education or training option because it’s expected of them; not because it’s right for them.

  • Settle for a job that will never allow them to surpass the socioeconomic status quo in their family and/or community.

  • Rack up debilitating student loan debt because they were uninformed about the world of education & financial aid.

Any of these can (and do) contribute to huge emotional, physical, societal and economic problems.  We can help fix that.

WE NEED to empower our young people with “Knowing”. Knowing…

  • The various career industries and how they, as a unique individual. may fit in (even if they think they won’t).

  • The almost infinite number of career opportunities in those industries.

  • That their skills & interests are translatable to a variety of careers that they may have never thought of, or even heard of.

  • That there are a vast number of diverse education and training options available to them they should be aware of… not just “college”.

  • That the people supporting and guiding them are well-intentioned, but are likely uninformed about choosing, finding and building a career in 2018 and beyond.

  • And so much more….

WE NEED to help young people get from “no idea”… to an idea… to making it happen in a big way. That’s a huge part of our job if we’ve chosen to work with, or on behalf of, teens and young adults.

If we don’t…. more of the same. Let’s not let that happen.

Invest in "Career Development Education"

If you have a voice in determining how to spend your school or organization’s budget then I hope you’ll take 5 minutes to preview the online career planning and career development courses that has in its library which can help your “young people” to build that logistical plan of action toward a successful career and future.

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