A Professional Development Plan and Goal for Educators.

A Professional Development Plan and Goal that can Make a HUGE Difference in kids lives! And it's FREE... Interested?

“High school students are making critical decisions about their career paths in a vacuum, unaware of the broad array of educational and employment opportunities available to them.”

…. William Sederburg, President/Ferris State University

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Coming up with a professional development plan and goal can sometimes be a pretty difficult thing to do, especially when that goal needs to benefit you as well as the young people you’re tasked with helping. Not only that, any goal you choose needs to be something you feel emotionally invested in so that you’ll be motivated about doing the work and following through.

I’m all about embedding Career Development Education within the educational experience of students (it’s my mission and MY goal). Because that’s so important to me I need to make it a simple process for educators to do that as well, since they’re the people who have significant “face time” with students… every single day.

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Educators are the people who can make a HUGE difference when it comes to helping young people to build a successful future that benefits not only them, but their future families, their communities, our society, and let’s face it… our economy.

THAT’S RIGHT! We can help in a big way if we do something valuable in our little piece of the world.

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FREE Professional Development Plan

I recently wrote an Individual Professional Development Plan focused on Career Development Education as a favor for a teacher friend. I then thought, why not share it since it’s relevant to any educator, teacher, or counselor who might be looking into ideas for their next cycle of Professional Development planning.

That being said, if you have strong motivation to help kids to build and act on a career plan that’s relevant and meaningful to them, and want to dedicate some time and energy to educating your students (and yourself) about:

  • career planning and career development
  • the diversity of careers and opportunities now and moving forward
  • as well as how to become a valued, and found, applicant for current and future opportunities…

Then keep reading because this Individual Professional Development Plan could be a huge help to you (or someone you know).

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A Heads Up....

As a heads up, I’m not being entirely philanthropic here.  I have a tool I’ve developed (not required at all) which is an online course (Idea2Career: 5 Steps to a Career You’ll Love) that ties in perfectly with this Professional Development Plan. It’s the ideal framework for meeting the evidence, data and accountability needed for a successful professional development plan.

Although this course is definitely not required, I’m throwing it out there because it would make facilitating this Professional Development Plan so much simpler for any educator since much of the work is done already.

Either way, It would be great if you have 5 minutes to check out the course and see why I can confidently say it’s the perfect framework.

Not interested, no problem. The Professional Development Plan is still free to use, share and give away.

Get the FREE Professional Development Plan here....

CLICK THE BUTTON below to get the free Professional Development Plan. Enjoy, and as always… please share this post (and this Plan) with anyone else who might benefit from it.

This Professional Development Plan is a “View Only” Google document. To change it you’ll need to make a copy & then save that copy to your own computer, Google Drive or other storage device. Feel free to modify your copy as there’s likely content that’s irrelevant to your needs.