Scholarships Unlocked. US Citizenship Optional.

"Dreamer's Roadmap" Helps Undocumented Students find Scholarships!

Let’s face it, young people who aren’t US citizens or are undocumented have an added challenge when it comes to thinking about their education and training after high school. Many may feel hopeless regarding the possibility of finding the money they need to make a successful career and future happen.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Scholarships are out there!

DREAMer’s Roadmap has a FREE website & a mobile app which have the details and links to 100s of scholarships that have been identified as available to ALL young people regardless of their citizenship status.

Please take a minute of your time to check out, or share, this amazing resource of scholarships that’s curated by a passionate group of people who are obviously invested in the successful futures of ALL young people.