Sign Industry Careers are Exploding… in a good way.

Many that you probably never thought of, or even heard of.

Once again I came across some pretty amazing career specific information through my research, reading and random navigation of the internet for good stuff to share.  So, where am I going with this? Directly to the International Sign Association; yup, the Sign Association.

An article I ripped out of an industry journal had been sitting on my desk for weeks.  Yesterday it caught my attention (it was colorful and had cool graphics, which makes sense) so I typed in the link.  Lots of great stuff there so I realized I had to share it. Oh yeah, it was all about  the amazing career opportunities that are in the “Sign, Graphics and Visual Communications” industry. For real.

First... Watch this 90 second video.

Signs are EVERYWHERE. Which tells us something....

If you’re like me, you take “signs” for granted. They’re signs, they’re just there. Sometimes you see a cool one that catches your eye, but for the most part not so much.

But, guess what… there’s a huge community of people who make them happen in every way, shape and form; from the little street sign at the end of your road to the massive signs that are on commercial buildings and highways.

Next time you go somewhere just check out the diversity of signs, and types of signs, you see everywhere you look. EVERYWHERE!

TD Garden
starbucks sign
neon sign

Facts, Stats & Career Opportunities

  • 77% of sign companies are actively looking for skilled employees.
  • Salaries and benefits are typically better in the sign industry than comparable jobs in other industries.
  • High growth industry
  • Many diverse career opportunities that include the traditional you’d find in any industry (ex. HR, Project Management, Marketing, & Sales) as well as skilled & experience based careers such as:

    • Graphic Designer
    • Welder
    • Ink Technician
    • Sign Fabricator
    • Wide Format Printer
    • Precision Machinist
    • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
    • Installer/Crane Operator
    • … and 50+ more you can find by clicking the button below!

Where can you get more info? Right here...

The International Sign Association does a great job of encouraging people to explore sign industry careers.  If you’re in the market trying to figure out a career direction I strongly advice you get started by clicking the button below and then navigating your way around their site.

I want more info!

On a final note, their 90 second “Life of a Sign” animated video below shows you what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to creating and installing a sign, as well as who’s doing what to make it happen. Very cool.