Student Tutorial

How Your Idea2Career Account Works.

Transcript Navigation & Features Tutorial for Students.

Welcome to the “How Your Idea2Career Account Works” student tutorial!  This tutorial isn’t about teaching you how to go through the Idea2Career course… you’ll find that information within that course’s “Getting Started” lesson and via another tutorial on the Help page.

This student tutorial is about showing you how to use Idea2Career the “website” and how to navigate your way around “your account” so you know how to access the tools and features available to you; because Idea2Career isn’t just a website of “courses” that students take on their own, in a bubble.  Idea2Career, the website, is an online “place”; a place that allows young people who are on the career planning journey to communicate with each other. It’s a place where conversations can be had, valuable information can be shared, and like-minded people can be met.

In a nutshell, some of the things we’ll be going over in this tutorial are:

  • Menu items. What they are and what they do.
  • Communication & Networking. How to communicate with other members via private messaging, groups and forums.

So let’s get started…


First off, if you’re doing this course as a group or with a teacher/mentor then this course was purchased for you.  If that’s the case, each person in your group (including your teacher/mentor) will have their own accounts.

  • You’ll have gotten an email from that give you your username and password.
  • You can change this password at any time after you 1st log in to your account.
  • To login to your account go to
  • Login with the username and password from the email you got from
  • You’ll be brought to the home page for logged in users.
  • You’ll notice a menu along the top and another on the left side; we’ll be going over the left side menu first.


  • Once you click on “My Profile” you’ll be brought to, obviously, your profile
  • Notice that there’s now another menu in the center of the screen which pretty much has the same menu items as the left menu; you can access these options from either of those menus.
  • Looking at your profile page you’ll see that there are a few options here.
  • View: Clicking View will show at the very least your name. It will also show any information that end up adding about yourself via Edit.
  • Edit: You can add information about yourself by clicking the Edit option.  When you click Edit a few categories will open up and you can then add content within any of those categories.
  • These options will let you add information about yourself that can be useful while you’re on your career planning journey
  • You may even up using your Idea2Career profile as a link for potential employers to view at some point.
  • When you add content you can click “Change” to specify the visibility of each item of content when someone views your profile.
  • Within My Profile you can also change your profile photo and your cover image.


  • On the left menu click on My Courses.
  • Here are the courses that have been purchased for you as a student. You’ll click on the course name to open up the course to access the lessons and activities for that course.
  • FYI… There’s another tutorial linked on the main Help page that outlines how to navigate your way around the Idea2Career course.


  • If you’re doing a course with a class or group of other students with a teacher/mentor, your group will have its own private “Group” that’s been created for you all.
  • This group is where you can communicate with each other regarding course related information.
  • If you’re familiar with Facebook Groups, it’s a similar concept.
  • Click on the Group name.
  • You’ll see a list of that group’s members
  • If you were to click on your name you’ll open that group’s activity wall.
  • Doing this is one of the ways that you can post a comment for other people in your group to see.


  • We’ll skip over My Achievements for now since milestones, badges and rewards haven’t been implemented into Idea2Career yet.


  • My Friends is where you can add “friends” within Idea2Career; again, similar to Facebook.
  • You’ll see friend requests from others on this page.
  • People in your Group aren’t automatically going to be your friends.You’ll have to add them manually if you want to private message them or have them as part of your Idea2Career network.
  • To easily add your group members as friends…
  • Head back to the My Groups menu item.
  • Click on your Group.
  • Then click the Add Friend button next to each person you want to add as a Friend.
  • They’ll accept when they go into their account and you’ll now be able to private message each other.
  • You can also search for other members to add to your friend network.
  • To do that, click on the Members item in the topmost menu.
  • You’ll get a page that lists all members. You can click add friend and they’ll get a friend request from you.


  • My Activity is another community and communication feature that’s similar to a Facebook member’s wall or timeline.
  • It’s here that you can add a comment by typing what you want and then clicking Post update.
  • Your ‘friends’ will see your posts, and you’ll be able to see your friends posts.
  • For instance, perhaps you want to share the date for an upcoming college and career fair, or something else that might benefit someone in your group of friends.


  • My Messages is where you can send, or receive, private messages with your Idea2Career friends.  
  • It’s a great way to share career specific information with someone in your Idea2Career network, or communicate with your mentor/teacher if you’re doing Idea2Career with a class or group.


  • We’ll also be disregarding the “My Notifications” menu item for now.


  • Password & Privacy is where you can update your password and change your privacy settings by clicking on profile visibility.


In the topmost menu are some other menu items. You can…

  • Preview other Courses that are available from Idea2Career that you might want your school or organization to purchase for you, or that you purchase as an individual
  • You can click on Members to see a list of everyone who has an Idea2Career account.
  • You can View blog posts that are career specific articles.
  • Access Help content
  • Check out the Forums or Bulletin Boards.


  • When you click on Forums you’ll open up that page which is a list of Forums or “bulletin boards”
  • Forums are another great communication tool you can use within the Idea2Career site if you want to.
  • In case you’re not familiar with Forums, they’re just bulletin boards of Topics where people can share topic specific information, and others can respond to those topics.
  • Some Forums might be public where anyone who’s a member can access the information, and some will be private… meaning that only certain people can access the information in that topic.
  • Your Group, if you’re part of one, has it’s own private forum. This Forum is a place where you, or anyone in your group, can post anything they want to share with your group such as internship opportunities, scholarships you come across, or anything else that might open a conversation with people in your group.


So you can see now that Idea2Career isn’t just an online course, it’s an online community and a network of people.

  • As a communication tool it will help you to stay in touch with your teacher/mentor if you’re doing this course as a group,
  • As an online network you can also meet other people within the Idea2Career network of educators, teens and young adults who have similar career interests and experiences so that members can learn from each other, and also share with each other.

That’s it….

We’ve pretty much gone over the basics of navigating your way around the Idea2Career site, what can be done from within your account, communicating with others and networking within the Idea2Career site.

You may very well have questions where you need contact with a person to get some answers regarding navigating your way around the site.  Here’s how to get that help….

  • If you have a teacher/mentor ask them first. No luck there?…
  • Email us via the Contact Us page and you’ll get a response within 24 hours. Just Hover over the help menu item along the top and choose Contact Us.

Best of luck on your career journey! Enjoy…

~ The Idea2Career Team