“It’s our job as educators to prepare our students for what they will face after high school. There is a certain set of transferable skills that all students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in the 21st century no matter their chosen pathway.  Idea2Career provides a structured set of learning modules that provide an opportunity for our students to master these skills prior to graduating from high school.  I believe this program should be on every educator’s radar.”

Donna Couture
Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator
Winnacunnet High School

“Idea2Career is a great instrumental process for students to go through as they learn about different careers and job opportunities.”

Alan Verley
CTE Teacher | Construction Technology
Nashua Technology Center

“The Idea2Career course is an important tool for high school student self discovery and discovery of the world they will live in. It is also important for students today to have a self guided program that they can access anytime on multiple platforms to work on whenever (and wherever) they want.”

Jerry Moylan
Teacher | English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Nashua High School South

“I think the outline is great to move youth through the process of deciding on career and educational goals with its modern graphics and assessments. I appreciate the use of language that doesn’t seem redundant as youth may have experienced within the traditional educational setting and has not only a recognition that some know their paths, but also that others may not.

It is welcoming and utilizes youth friendly language without being too text heavy and the interactive challenges can help youth to move at their own pace and style.”

Jennifer Hansen
Workforce Development Coordinator | Community Action Youth Programs

“The Idea2Career curriculum provides educators and stakeholders with a valuable tool for introducing students to a great variety of resources and activities that will assist them when they initiate and/or continue with their career exploration and research process.

Unlike many other career exploratory programs available today, the Idea2Career curriculum can be accessed by students from any computer or electronic device once the student has a log in account.  It is exceptionally scripted and provides all the essential content and components to provide students with an effective career planning tool.”

Nancy Duffy
Guidance Counselor
Nashua High School South

“As a high school student Idea2Career helped me finalize what I really wanted to do with my future. I always knew I wanted to do something more untraditional for a female. Going through the steps and activities of Idea2Career helped me make the final decision of Electrical Engineering.

I would recommend the Idea2Career course to anyone who struggles when it comes to making a decision on a career. Idea2Career is an easy way for a student or young adult to create their own path to success and I believe that’s what I have done for myself.”

Taylor Frothingham
Student | Wentworth Institute of Technology

“I believe that the product Michele has developed is just what CTE instructors want and need to help them deliver on the standards in their programs that relate to career development and career decision making.

The platform is easy to navigate whether in the classroom or on the student’s personal device at any remote location. Students will find the interactive units dynamic and they will find the content rigorous and relevant.”

Don Jalbert
Director | Career & Technical Education

“We have had a chance to review the Idea2Career curriculum and believe it would be a valuable resource for the young people we work with.  The activities are engaging, the goals and desired outcomes are clear, and it is self-paced so we could have many participants at various stages of career research/preparation working simultaneously.

Additionally, the fact that the entire curriculum is mapped to industry standards is huge for us.  In the past, MY-TURN has dedicated significant staff time to mapping other curriculums to various sets of standards.  The comprehensive nature of the Idea2Career curriculum would allow our case managers to spend more time providing academic and supportive services to the participants in our program which would likely result in increased positive outcomes.  We are excited to bring the Idea2Career course to all of our programs in the coming months.”

Allison Joseph
Executive Director | MY-TURN, Inc.